God is moving at the Journey, but He’s not done! He is using our church to reach the lost and care for the hurting right where they are. Though we haven’t yet begun to see all God has planned, now is the time to move forward and reach more people than we could ever imagine. We can do it, but it will take you saying, “I’m stepping up!”

The Giving Journey

First Time Giver
Taking a Step of Generosity – 2 Corinthians 8:7-15

Consistent Giver
From Caution to Consistency – 2 Corinthians 9:6-8

Intentional Giver
Generous Giving is a Priority – Luke 14:28-35

Surrendered Giver
Fully Devoted to Giving – 2 Samuel 24:18-25

Lifetime Giver
Surrendered Giving is the Goal for a Lifetime – 1 Timothy 6:6-19

Step 1

SteppingUpCharts_web_Leg 2.png

Creating excellent environments where people encounter God.

  • Design a new campus flow to allow more people to attend each worship service.
  • Maximize the quality of every environment so more people can hear the Gospel.
  • Create the highest quality worship experience with no distractions or limitations.

Step 2

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  • Develop 7 new church plants in the next 2 years – 5 in Haiti, 2 locally.
  • Go where people are, both in our neighborhoods and around the world.
  • Develop the Journey to be a network hub, reaching those both near and far.

Step 3

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  • Expand community projects designed to bring hope to our surrounding cities.
  • Distribute 50,000 Manna Bags to show the love of Christ in a practical way.
  • Create new opportunities to help the most at risk members of our communities.

Stepping Up – to raise or increase by degrees. To make progress; improve.

Success in life usually comes by achieving growth. To grow, one has to make progress or step up. Keep moving forward.

As children, it’s imperative we step up so we can gain freedoms like riding a bike without training wheels. As teenagers it’s important to step up to be able to get your drivers license or graduate from high school.

As adults stepping up is just as important. Without stepping up in each area of our lives, we won’t grow. We won’t have growing relationships at work, at home or with our friends. They become stagnant or dry.

Our relationship with God is no different. To have a growing relationship with Jesus we must own our responsibility in the relationship. We must keep moving forward. We’re calling this process Stepping Up. This study is designed to help you do this.

How to Use This Study

This study has been designed to help you evaluate your understanding of money and the role it plays in your life. Our goal is to explore what God says about the relationship between your faith and your finances. We’ve designed this study to work for each person individually, but it’s more powerful in the context of a Life Group setting. Here’s how it works:

Individually or Prior To Each Life Group Meeting

Reading – Read the content in each weekly section before the group meeting. This will provide everyone with some context for working through the Discussion Questions. Personal Reflection & Discussion Questions – Answer the questions and, if you are in a group, be prepared to share.

During Each Group Session

Spend time connecting and hanging out. (30 mins)
Talk through the Discussion Questions. (45 mins)
Take time to share prayer requests and pray together. (20 mins)

Weekly Devotions


The Journey’s Proposed 2017 Operating Budget is based on your commitment to see the vision of our church expanded. Our Stepping Up initiative has just begun, but it will allow us to create more ministry opportunities than in the history of our church.

You have committed to not only supporting our operating expenses, but to expand your giving so our church can invest in three key areas over the next two years. Our desire is to make each commitment work to its fullest potential. To make the greatest impact, the Journey will now use a One Fund approach. When you give, your donation will go toward the Stepping Up initiative and all funds will be directed toward the needs of all areas of the 2017 budget.

The Journey will nominate two current board members to continue in their roles.
The two nominees are: Ivan Clements & Gleeson Johnson



Over the upcoming year, the Stepping Up initiative will invest $1.9 million into our regular operating budget to continue our mission of developing fully devoted Christ-followers progressing on the Road of Faith.

  • Weekend services
  • Baptisms
  • Care Groups, Short-Term Groups and Life Groups
  • 2C Ministries bringing hope to the hurting
  • Taking hope to Haiti


Stepping Up will invest $750,000 into three key areas during the upcoming year.

  • Plant new churches both in Haiti and locally