Day 4 of 7 • WE Greater Than ME – Joy Producing Generosity

I Lack Nothing

Read Matthew 6:24-34

I love Psalm 23:1—it says, “The LORD is my Shepherd, I lack nothing.” There is no healthier place to be in life than resting in God’s provision. The key to living like this, with a posture of open hands before the Lord, is a firm confidence in His faithfulness.

What causes many to not be generous and approach the Lord with open hands with their finances is that they doubt that Christ is the kind of shepherd that will care for their needs. The idea of helping others around you will always be crippled by anxious thinking that asks, ‘Do I have enough?’ or ‘What about me?’

One of the most common lies the evil one sells us is that God is holding out on us. The evil one wants us to think that following the Lord leads us to a place of desolation. The sad thing is, we buy the lie. Instead of living with open hands before the Lord, we close our fists and foolishly attempt to take care of ourselves. Then we wonder why we live with discontentment and anxiety.

Jesus encourages us to seek Him first in all things. Let me ask you this: Are you seeking the Lord first in your finances? Do you find yourself giving God what is left over after you pay for your earthly treasures? Do you find yourself saying, ‘Lord, once I pay everything and make sure I have enough, then I will consider giving something towards Your kingdom.’ This is NOT seeking God first in our generosity.

I challenge you to change that way of thinking. Start your budget with the amount you feel led to give to your local church and then pray over it before you give it. Acknowledge in your prayer that the Lord is your Shepherd and that you in fact, lack NOTHING. Seek Him first, and He will supply all your needs. The beauty of resting in His provision is it enables you to freely give to bless others while the Lord cares for you

Question for reflection – What would it look like in your life to seek God first in your finances?

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