Family Devotion – October 2017

Parents, share an example of a choice that seemed small or insignificant at the time, but ended up shaping your life in a significant way.

Use these questions to lead a family discussion sometime this month. 

  • Contest – Take two minutes and see who in your family can write down the most parts to a car. 
  • Why does a car have so many different parts? What if it was missing some of these parts?
  • Read 1 Corinthians 12:12-31
  • What does this passage tell us about the church? What does it mean that the church is like a body?
  • Why is it encouraging to know that God has a specific way for you to serve and play a part in the church?
  • How do you know where God would have you serve? Parents, share examples of ways you have taken steps to serve.
  • What are some benefits or joys that come from serving as a part of God’s people?
  • What step is God calling each of you to take in the area of serving?
  • Pray for each other as a family.