Family Devotion – September 2017

Parents, share an example of a choice that seemed small or insignificant at the time, but ended up shaping your life in a significant way.

Use these questions to lead a family discussion sometime this month.

  • What is one time in your life when you gave up on something significant? What was that experience like for you? Why did you feel this way?
  • How do we typically view the idea of giving up on something?
  • Read Acts 22:3-5. What reasons did Paul have to be confident in himself and his own abilities? Do you think he seemed like the kind of guy who would easily give up on something? Why?
  • Read Acts 22:6-21. What happened to Paul that led him to give up everything in his life to follow after Jesus? Why is this such a significant change of direction in Paul’s life?
  • Read Matthew 16:24-25. What does Jesus say in these verses about what it means to follow Him? Why do you think it requires complete surrender to be a follower of Jesus?
  • What are some of the areas in our lives that we hesitate to give up to God? Why do we desire to hold back in these areas?
  • What is one area of your life that you struggle to surrender to God and His control? What step can you take in this area of your life this month?
  • Pray for one another as a family.
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