Family Devotion – May 2017

Parents, share an example of a choice that seemed small or insignificant at the time, but ended up shaping your life in a significant way.

Ask – Why do you think we underestimate the power of small choices in our lives?  What are some common decisions people make that seem small but have a huge impact on their life?

Read Genesis 39:4-10

  • What decision was Joseph faced with?  What made this such a difficult choice?
  • How might Joseph have gotten away with making a sinful decision in this moment?
  • In verses 8-9, what shaped his decision to choose the right path?

We face choices like these every day.  Some are more difficult than others.  What can help us in those moments to follow God and His ways, even when no one is looking?  

Spend time praying as a family for God’s help to choose His ways in every decision.