4th Wednesday – May 2017


What are you looking forward to most this summer? Why?


  1. Have you ever chosen to do the right thing and it actually caused you to experience something difficult? Can someone share an example of a time when this happened for you?
  2. Sometimes people assume, if you do the right thing, it will always result in an easier, trouble-free experience. Why is this not always the case?
  3. Read Genesis 39:6-12. Joseph does the right thing over and over again even when he was being tempted to do something that was wrong. In what way did Joseph show great integrity in verses 11-12? Why would this have been so difficult for him?
  4. Joseph did what was right, even when no one was watching. What would you expect to happen next if you had never heard this story?
  5. Read Genesis 39:13-20. What did happen next for Joseph? Why do you think God allowed this to happen to him, even though he honored God?
  6. If you were Joseph, how would you respond in your heart toward God in that circumstance?
  7. At the end of Joseph’s story, he comes to realize that God was using every circumstance in His life (even being thrown into prison) to work for Joseph’s own good and for God’s glory. If Joseph had given in to temptation, he would have missed out on all that God was doing in and through him. When he realizes this, do you think he regretted doing the right thing, even though it ended up leaving him in prison?
  8. Joseph was more concerned with honoring God no matter what than he was with facing difficult circumstances. What would happen if you had this perspective on a daily basis?
  9. How do we keep this perspective in the moments we are faced with a choice to honor God or to go our own way?


  1. Have you faced any choices like this in the past two weeks where no one was watching? How did it go?
  2. How can we as a group encourage each other in this area?