2nd Wednesday – May Questions


If you could have an endless supply of one food, what would it be? Why?


  1. Sometimes, seemingly insignificant moments end up impacting our life in a huge way. Can you think of any examples where a seemingly insignificant choice impacted you?
  2. Why is it so easy to underestimate how important these little moments are in our lives?
  3. What are some small decisions people your age make every day that impact their life in a greater way than they think they will?
  4. Read Genesis 39:4-7. What has happened in Joseph’s life at this point?
  5. Why might this have been a difficult temptation for Joseph? How might he have justified a decision to do what she told him to do?
  6. Have you ever been faced with a choice to do something you know is wrong where probably no one would find out about it? Why are those moments so difficult?
  7. When we are faced with decisions like that, what are some ways we are tempted to justify a decision to do something that we know is wrong?
  8. Read Genesis 39:8-10. What was Joseph’s decision in this moment?
  9. What reasons did he give her for choosing to stand on what is right?
  10. Joseph says that, if he were to do the wrong thing, it would not only be a sin against Potiphar but it would also be a sin against God. In what way is every sin a sin against God Himself?
  11. How does knowing God sees everything and that every sin is against Him help us stand for what is right in moments where no one is watching?


  1. In the last few months, how well have you been handling choices like these, where no one is watching?
  2. What is a step you can take in order to rely on God’s power to stand up in those moments and follow Him?