2nd Wednesday – April Questions

Ice Breaker

What is your favorite Easter candy? What is your least favorite Easter candy? Why?


  1. Life can be hard sometimes. When difficult circumstances come, it can be easy to feel defeated. How do most people deal with moments like this?
  2. What are some examples of tough situations you have seen people your age deal with?
  3. If comfortable, share a time in your life when you were really discouraged and were living in defeat.
  4. Read Romans 8:36-37. In what ways is this passage encouraging to us?
  5. Does the truth that we are “more than a conqueror” mean we will never face difficult situations in life?
  6. Despite your circumstances, what does it mean to live with the mindset of “more than a conqueror”?
  7. Share something from Karen Butterton’s testimony this weekend that resonated with you. What was so powerful about it?
  8. What are some practical steps you can take to begin to live with a mindset of victory? How can this group help you?
  9. Who are some of the people you have been inviting or are going to invite to Easter this year?
  10. As a group, spend some time praying for the upcoming Easter services and the people you have invited.


  1. What is one truth God has used in your life during this year’s 40 Days?
  2. Overall, how have you grown in your relationship with Jesus through 40 Days? What has God been revealing to you?