Family Devotions – March

Go over each of these commitments as a family.

  • Which of these will be the most challenging for you?
  • As a family, how can we help each other stay committed over these 40 days?
  • Come up with creative ideas to help each other read every day, memorize the verses, and sacrifice.
  • Help each member of your family come up with a an idea of something they can sacrifice that would really help them to focus on God.

During the 40 days leading up to Easter, we challenge every student and parent to make five commitments:

  1. Participate in all six weekend worship experiences and Consume starting March 4/5.
  2. Read the 40 Days Devotional everyday. You can pick up this book on March 4/5.
  3. Join with others in a Group to discuss each week’s teachings. True transformation never happens alone, but by challenging each other to seek hard after God. For Students, you can be a part of a Group by attending Pursuit on Wednesday nights.
  4. Memorize a simple verse every week from the 40 Days Devotional.
  5. Sacrifice one thing for this 40 day period that will help you focus more intently on God