2nd Wednesday – March Questions


Go around the group and have each person finish this sentence, “If I were a cartoon character I would be _______________ because…”


1. When someone talks about rules, how do you typically respond? What ideas come to your mind? Why?

2. It can be easy for people to fall into a religious mentality when it comes to their relationship with God. They begin to think that God’s love for them is determined by how well they follow rules or commands. If they obey, God is happy with them. If they disobey, God is out to get them. Why do you think so many people live and think this way?

3. Read Galatians 4:1-5. In what ways is living with a religious mindset enslaving to us?

4. In other places in the Bible, God teaches us that we are slaves to sin apart from Christ. What does it mean to be enslaved to sin?

5. Read Galatians 4:4-5. Why did Jesus come, according to this passage?

6. To redeem means to “buy back.” How did Jesus buy us back from sin?

7. How did the cross pay for our sins?

8. Read Galatians 4:6-7. Because Jesus died, those who are followers of Him have been set free from slavery to religion and to sin. What does it look like to live in freedom from a religious (rule-following) mindset?

9. What does it look like to live in freedom from sin? How does obeying God’s commands fit into this kind of freedom? In other words, why do we fight to obey what God has taught us if it is not to earn His love?

10. This passage teaches that we are now sons of God instead of slaves. Why is this such great news?

11. What keeps you from living in the freedom Jesus has purchased for you? How do we fight to live each day in this freedom?

12. One of the greatest things teenagers can focus on during middle and high school is preparing themselves to be the husband or wife God desires for us to be one day. How can we grow personally in this area? Why is it better to focus on this instead of only focusing on pursuing dating relationships right now?


What are you planning to sacrifice for 40 Days this year?

How can this group help you in your commitment to read the 40 Days book and memorize the scriptures each week?