Family Devotions – February

Use these questions to lead a devotion with your family.

  1. What are the elements of a perfect love story that you would see in a movie or read in a book?
  2. Name some of the desires and goals people have for romantic relationships. Where do these desires come from?
  3. Read Genesis 2:18-25. Who is it that created the idea of romantic, intimate relationships?  
  4. Why do you think God designed marriage as the place for this kind of relationship?
  5. God’s word defines marriage as lifelong, committed, love relationship between one man and one woman before God. What are some ways that our world has tried to separate intimate relationships from God’s design in marriage?  
  6. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8. What does this tell us about God’s will for us in relationships?
  7. Sexual immorality is any form of sexual activity outside of a marriage relationship. God’s desires are always best for us. In what ways is it best for us to avoid sexual immorality at all cost? How does it hurt us to go outside of God’s plan in this area?
  8. The relationship goals we have are meant to be fulfilled in marriage. In what ways are teenagers tempted to try and fulfill these desires outside of God’s plan?
  9. What are some keys to relationships that are wise and protective for teenagers to follow in order to pursue God’s plans?
  10. Parents, use this as an opportunity to discuss boundaries and guidelines for thinking about relationships with your son or daughter.
  11. Pray together as a family.