4th Wednesday – February Questions


If you could plan the perfect engagement story, how would it happen? e.g. Guy proposes on the fan cam at a Basketball game or all your friends plan a flash mob and sing Disney songs as he proposes.


1. All month, we have been learning that God is the one who made humans to be male and female. He is the one who designed the reality of romantic relationships, attraction and sexuality. Why does it seem strange to us that God would invent all of this?

2. We learned that His plan for all of this is to bring a man and a woman together in a lifelong relationship called marriage. How is marriage viewed in our culture today? How has our culture’s view of marriage changed from God’s design?

3. Read Romans 1:21-32. The reality of sin is that all of us have exchanged God’s truth for lies and have rebelled against Him. This passage teaches us that God has now handed the world over to our sinful desires. In our world now, people will have sinful desires but they will think those desires are good. Why is this truth so scary and dangerous for us?

4. Read Romans 8:11-15. According to this passage, do Christians have to continue to follow their sinful desires? Why are we now able to overcome them?

5. Read Ephesians 5:3-5. What does this passage say about God’s standard for us when it comes to sexual immorality (sexual immorality is any form of sexual activity outside of marriage between one man and one woman; this passage says that there should be “not even a hint,” or “it shouldn’t even be named among us”)?

6. What are the greatest ways that guys or girls your age are tempted in this way? Why is this standard so hard to live up to? Who do we have to rely on for the power to live this way?

7. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:4-5. This passage teaches us that our lives should look very different than the world around us when it comes to this topic. In what ways should the lives of Christians look different than those around us when it comes to relationships and dating?

8. What differences should there be in the way we think about relationships and dating? What safeguards must we have in place to make sure we avoid temptation? If the possibility of marriage is very far off for you, is it wise to pursue a dating relationship? How could this lead to unnecessary temptation?

9. One of the greatest things teenagers can focus on during middle and high school is preparing themselves to be the husband or wife God desires for us to be one day. How can we grow personally in this area? Why is it better to focus on this instead of only focusing on pursuing dating relationships right now?


- What is one step God has been calling you to take in the area of this month’s topic?

- What is one way you can guard yourself against temptation?