2nd Wednesday – February Questions


As a group, come up with a movie/play plot for the perfect, fairytale love story (have fun with this).


1. What are the parts of love stories that most movies, books and fairytales have in common?

2. If you were to ask guys/girls your age to name some of their goals or dreams for relationships, what are some of the things they would say? Where do these goals or desires come from?

3. Read Genesis 2:18-25. According to this passage, who is the one who invented the idea of romantic relationships?

4. Read Genesis 2:24-25 again. This passage shows us that God designed romantic relationships to be fulfilled in marriage. This pattern was invented by Him. Marriage is a lifelong, committed, love relationship between one man and one woman before God. What are some ways that our culture has tried to separate intimate, romantic relationships from God’s design for marriage?

5. Last week, we learned that our relationship goals, at their heart, are good desires. Because God designed these relationships, we will find the greatest fulfillment and enjoyment of our desires when we follow his plans and his designs for them. Do you think most people go outside of God’s plans for relationships because they just don’t know what His plans are or because they are actively choosing to disobey Him?

6. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:3-8. What does this say about God’s will for us in relationships?

7. Sexual immorality is any form of sexual activity outside of a marriage relationship. God’s desires are always best for us. In what ways is it best for us to avoid sexual immorality at all cost? How does it hurt us to go outside of God’s plan in this area?

8. In what ways are teenagers tempted to go outside of God’s design when it comes to their relationship goals?

9. What are some practical steps you can take to fight against these temptations? If a young person is always pursuing dating relationships in middle and high school, how does this put them in more situations of temptation?


- How is your pursuit of God going so far this year? What is one area we can encourage you in and pray for you?

- When it comes to relationship goals, what is one way you struggle to believe the culture around you instead of God?