2nd Wednesday – January Questions


Do you have any New Year’s Resolutions? If so, what are they?


1. Can you think of an example of someone who has become famous or influential in our culture that came from an ordinary or insignificant background? How did that happen for them?

2. What reasons might someone give for why they think they could never do anything significant in the world around them?

3. Read Acts 4:1-22. What is happening in this passage? Why were John and Peter arrested?

4. Read Acts 4:13 again. Why were they so surprised by Peter and John?

5. In what ways were John and Peter just ordinary men? Based on their background, why would you not expect them to make a significant difference in the world?

6. John and Peter healed people, preached the gospel and thousands responded. They were influential in launching the church. The world was changed through them. What was it about these ordinary men that led them to do these amazing things?

7. Throughout the Bible, we see that God loves to use ordinary people to accomplish His mission. Why does God tend to use the people you would least expect?

8. If God transforms ordinary people through Jesus Christ and uses them to do amazing things, why should this encourage us?

9. Have you ever thought that God could never use you to do anything significant? What leads us to think this way?

10. In what ways should this passage encourage us to take bold steps of faith in the world around us?


- As the new year begins, what is one area of your spiritual life you would like to grow in?

- What is one bold step of faith God is calling you to take for His glory in your life?

Memory Verse | Acts 4:13

Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were uneducated, common men, they were astonished. And they recognized that they had been with Jesus.

Week 1
January 12 | Acts 3:1-5
January 13 | Acts 3:6-8
January 14 | Acts 3:9-10
January 15 | Acts 3:11-14
January 16 | Acts 3:15-16
January 17 | Acts 3:17-20
January 18 | Acts 3:21-23

Week 2
January 19 | Acts 3:24-26
January 20 | Acts 4:1-2
January 21 | Acts 4:3-4
January 22 | Acts 4:5-7
January 23 | Acts 4:8-9
January 24 | Acts 4:10-12
January 25 | Acts 4:13

Week 3
January 26 | Acts 4:14-15
January 27 | Acts 4:16-17
January 28 | Acts 4:18-20
January 29 | Acts 4:21-22
January 30 | Acts 4:23-26
January 31 | Acts 4:27-29
February 1 | Acts 4:30-31