December Family Devotions

Every month we will be sending out a postcard to all of the parents with the topic discussed at Pursuit along with activities and a devotion that we want to challenge you to sit down and go through with your student at some point in time this month. 


  1. What are some things, e.g. food or ingredients, that you would check to make sure that they are authentic and pure? Why is it important to know that these things are real and pure?
  2. When it comes to faith in Christ, why is it important to know what true, authentic faith looks like?
  3. Read Matthew 13:1-9 and Matthew 13:18-23. Jesus describes four different kinds of seeds. What situations do the first three kinds of seeds refer to?
  4. Have you seen people respond to the good new of Jesus in similar ways to the first three situations? 
  5. In other words, have you seen people get excited about Jesus, only to fall away a short time later? What might cause this to happen? According to Jesus, what does this tell us about their faith?
  6. The fourth kind of seed describes genuine, true faith. What does Jesus say true faith looks like?
  7. Jesus says that true faith lasts and also produces “a crop.” What does this mean?
  8. Do you know of anyone who needs to hear about the good news of Jesus? How about someone who seems to have turned away from Christ?

Spend some time praying for these people, asking God for opportunities to point them to Jesus.