2nd Wednesday – October Questions


What has been your favorite trip or vacation? Why? Go over our Stepping Up vision and plans with your group.

Stepping Up

The Vision - God is moving at the Journey, but He’s not done! He is using our church to reach the lost and care for the hurting right where they are. Though we haven’t yet begun to see all God has planned, now is the time to move forward and reach more people than we could ever imagine. We can do it, but it will take you saying, “I’m stepping up!” Our Stepping Up Goal is $1.5 Million over the next two years! We believe God is calling us to

Step Up by:

1. Creating excellent environments where people encounter God

  • Design a new campus flow to allow more people to attend each worship service
  • Maximize the quality of every environment so more people can hear the Gospel
  • Create the highest quality worship experience with no distractions or limitations

2. Reaching people who are far from God, right where they are

  • Develop 7 new church plants in the next 2 years - 5 in Haiti, 2 locally
  • Go where people are, both in our neighborhoods and around the world
  • Develop the Journey to be a network hub, reaching those both near and far

3. Offering help and hope to those hurting the most

  • Expand community projects designed to bring hope to our surrounding cities
  • Distribute 50,000 Manna Bags to show the love of Christ in a practical way
  • Create new opportunities to help the most at risk members of our communities


1. As you think about these plans for the next two years as a church, which part gets you the most excited? Why?

2. When you think about our goal to raise $1.5 Million over the next two years above and beyond our current giving level, what reaction do you initially have? Why?

3. Read Joshua 6:1-5. What plan does God give to Joshua for overthrowing the city of Jericho What is so strange about this plan?

4. Why might this have been difficult for Joshua to explain to his people?

5. Joshua led his people to do what God has commanded them. For six days they marched around the city. Do you think this would have taken a lot of faith for them to do each day? Why would each day have been harder than the last?

6. Read Joshua 6:15-21. On the seventh day, they did just as God had asked them to and the walls fell down and they captured the city. God was faithful to His promise as the people obeyed Him. What is an example in our lives where obeying God day after day is difficult?

7. Why is it sometimes easier to obey at first, but harder to keep it up day after day?

8. How does it help to remember that God is always faithful to keep His promises to us?

Pursuit First Step - November 2

$1.5 Million sounds like an impossible amount of money. It is going to take a lot of faith and continued obedience over the next two years. Our goal for Pursuit is for students to give $1,500 toward Stepping Up. You can be a part of what God is calling us to do as a church. People’s lives can be changed through you. Though $1500 doesn’t seem like a lot compared to $1.5 million, it is enough to make a big difference. This would cover the cost of sound systems in 3 of the churches in Haiti! You could play a real role in the lives of our Haitian brothers and sisters. We will take up this offering on November 2 during Ignite and the Exchange.

As a group, brainstorm some ways that students in your group can raise money to give. Be creative. Plan some specific steps to take this month and see what God can do through you!


1. What is one specific idea that you have for how you can give as a part of Stepping Up?

2. What is it going to take to make that happen? How can we pray for you in this?


Daily Reading

Memory Verse | Joshua 1:9
Have I not commanded you? Be strong and courageous. Do not be frightened, and do not be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.

Week 1
October 6 | Joshua 6:1-2
October 7 | Joshua 6:3-5
October 8 | Joshua 6:6-7
October 9 | Joshua 6:8-9
October 10 | Joshua 6:10-11
October 11 | Joshua 6:12-14
October 12 | Joshua 6:15-16

Week 2
October 13 | Joshua 6:17-18
October 14 | Joshua 6:19-21
October 15 | Joshua 6:22-23
October 16 | Joshua 6:24-25
October 17 | Joshua 6:26-27
October 18 | Joshua 7:1-2
October 19 | Joshua 7:3-4

Week 3
October 20 | Joshua 7:5
October 21 | Joshua 7:6-7
October 22 | Joshua 7:8-9
October 23 | Joshua 7:10-11
October 24 | Joshua 7:12-13
October 25 | Joshua 7:14-15
October 26 | Joshua 7:16-18

Week 4
October 27 | Joshua 7:19-21
October 28 | Joshua 7:22-23
October 29 | Joshua 7:24-26
October 30 | Joshua 24:14-18
October 31 | Joshua 24:19-23
November 1 | Joshua 24:24-25
November 2 | Joshua 24:26-28