There is a longing within us to experience God’s power and love in our lives, so why is it that so often we feel guilty, defeated, and trapped. The bible is clear, God intends for His people to live a life of freedom. A life free from guilt and shame. But why do we feel like that's such an impossibility. What must we do to finally release the burden of our past? How can we overcome the brokenness and find lasting hope for the future? The answer is only found in Jesus Christ! He meets us right where we are, right in the middle of our brokenness and bondage to offers us a love that frees us. On the cross Jesus accomplished everything we need to live in freedom.  He asks us to surrender all that we are so he can give us greater joy, better fulfillment, complete forgiveness and a brand new life. Be a part of the next 40 days as we discover the freedom that Jesus offers so we no longer live as slaves.

Devotional Book

5 Commitments for the 40 days

1. Participate in all six weekend worship experiences and Consume (Friday, April 14). Each week, the sermons will show how the work of Christ on the Cross will bring lasting freedom to your life. We will end the 40 Days on Good Friday when we come together for Consume (April 14, at 6:30 pm) for a night of intense prayer and passionate worship.

2. Read the daily readings in the 40 Days devotional. Set aside about fifteen minutes at the same time each day to read the text, think about the principles, and allow God to change you as you gain a deeper understanding of what it means to follow Christ. Every relationship takes time. Your relationship with Christ is no exception. 

3. Join with others to discuss the week’s teachings. True transformation never happens alone, but by challenging each other to seek hard after God. If you are not currently in a small group, you can join one of our 40 Days Short-Term Groups. In Orange City, groups begin March 6. In Sanford, groups begin March 9. Register Here

4. Memorize a simple Bible verse each week from the 40 Days devotional that will help you focus on the freedom we have in Christ. Each week you will be given a weekly Bible memory verse to memorize that fits the theme of the session. Write this verse down and hang it someplace where you will constantly see it. This will help you memorize and meditate on the verse throughout the week. Memorizing scripture may seem like a challenge, but I encourage you to take this opportunity to grow deeper in your walk with God through this key spiritual habit.

5. Sacrifice just one thing over the next 40 days. As a statement to yourself and to God of your commitment to follow Him, make a decision to give up something, maybe a hobby or entertainment. Sacrifice helps you to clearly focus on God and allows Him the opportunity to really work in your life. This means that for 40 days, you will give up something from your everyday life that occupies your time in order to free you to spend that time with God.