April 2016
Peter 1:18-19 & Isaiah 62:2

Labels are powerful. When you hear words like Starbucks, Nike, American Eagle or
Samsung, certain ideas come to mind. It is the same way with the labels people use
for each other: loser, fat, scrawny, stupid, nerd, ugly or useless. Labels have the power
to determine how you see yourself and others. They can hurt you. They can hold you
back. Yet only one kind of label can heal. Join us this month as we discover the truth
that God has purchased us and has given us new labels. When we embrace this new
identity, it changes everything we live for.

Family Devotions

Every month we will be sending out a postcard to all of the parents with the topic discussed at Pursuit along with activities and a devotion that we want to challenge you to sit down and go through with your student at some point in time this month. 

  1. Parents, share some of the labels you were called or known by in Middle or High School.  
  2. What kind of labels do young people use today? What labels have you gone by?
  3. Why are these labels so powerful? How do they influences a person’s thoughts or actions?
  4. Read 1 Peter 1:18-19 and Isaiah 62:2. What does it mean that we have been purchased by the blood of Jesus? If God has purchased us, what power does he have to label our lives?
  5. What new labels have we been given as followers of Jesus?  How do these new labels change us?
  6. What steps can we take to live each day fighting against the labels our world gives and to live in our new identity?
  7. Pray for each other as a family.