At this time we are only looking for people to audition for the following positions:

Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar (Lead)
Bass Guitar

Male Vocalist
(Lead & Harmony – You must be able to sing both)
Female Vocalist
Lead & Harmony – You must be able to sing both)

How to prepare

Complete and submit the online application. • Learn the required audition songs.
You will not get a time slot for your audition until you complete and submit your application.

You will not be permitted to use a music stand for your audition so we encourage you to have the music memorized.

The lyrics for the songs will be displayed on our back screen for vocalists but be sure to work on the songs enough so you do not have to rely heavily on the back screen during your actual audition.

If you have any questions, please email  Again, thank you for your prayerful consideration of serving in the Worship Ministry.  We are praying with you as God leads you forward. 

Audition Songs
Please read the information below carefully
(Don’t SKIP this!)

You will be auditioning with a backing track. You will play/sing with the track. You will NOT be permitted to have a music stand during your audition so be sure to prepare and rehearse without one before your actual audition.

NOTE: We are looking for musicians with the ability to match what is played on the original recordings. We are not looking for creativity as much as precision.  Do your best to play the parts contained in the audio recordings. We cannot overstate the importance we place on preparation.

Auditions Songs :: To listen to the songs, click on the titles below.  To access the chord charts, click on the appropriate chart link.  

Unto Your Name
Chord Charts/Lyrics: (E) capo 2 | (F#)
Tutorials (How to play Videos): Electric Guitar

Waiting Here For You
Chord Charts/Lyrics:  (Eb) | (D) capo 1
Tutorials (How to play Videos): Electric Guitar & Keys

Fall Afresh
Chord Charts/Lyrics: (G) capo 4
Tutorial (How to play Videos): acoustic guitar

Scandal of Grace
Chord Charts/Lyrics: (B)(G) capo 4

My Anchor
Chord Charts/Lyrics: (F)

Exalted One
Chord Charts/Lyrics: (A)



What to prepare

Drums – Bring sticks as well as in-ears/headphones (if you don't have a pair, they will be provided)
Prepare: Scandal of Grace & Exalted One

Percussion – No gear required
Prepare: Scandal of Grace & Exalted One

Bass – Bring your bass guitar only, no amp required
Prepare: Exalted One & Waiting Here for You

Electric guitar – Bring your own guitar and pedal board w/ amp (we will provide a Line 6 POD if you choose not to bring an amp/pedals).
Prepare: Scandal of Grace & Unto Your Name

Acoustic guitar – Bring your guitar only
Prepare: Unto Your Name & Fall Afresh

Keyboard – No gear required – we will provide the keyboard
Prepare: Waiting Here for You & My Anchor

Male Lead/Harmony Vocalist – No gear required
Lead: Scandal of Grace OR Exalted One (You must choose one)
Harmony: My Anchor (You must sing harmony—this is not optional)

Female Lead/Harmony Vocalist – No gear required
Lead: Unto Your Name or Waiting Here for You (You must choose one)
Harmony: Scandal of Grace (You must sing harmony—this is not optional)